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We have a variety of writing opportunities available. We’re a well-established online magazine, at the forefront of business, news, trends, and tech. We need your insights so that we can share them with our audience. To work with us, you’ll need to be a strong writer whose voice is clear, engaging, and focused on the end goal of the article.

This is an interesting opportunity for someone who wants to write for us and earn some extra cash. This can be a long-term project or may lead to other freelance opportunities in the future.

You must be interested in telling stories about your area of expertise, News, Powers, Tech, Trend, which will help build our industry-leading audience.

You must be able to tell your audience what makes your industry newsworthy and make them want to know more.

Your work must be optimized for a range of devices so that our readers can access it wherever they are in the world. In addition, we provide you with a professional-looking website where you can post your articles and images.

We expect you to create powerful, captivating stories that we can share with our readers.

We’ll do the hard work in editing and promoting your content. The only thing you need to do is write (and be proud of it).

Why is Write for Us important to grow your business?

1. Write for us is a powerful tool to get new customers and grow your business.

2. You can make more money with the published articles in our magazine and website.

3. Build SEO of your business, blog, or company site by adding your articles here on Write for us in this article directory, also you can add your images if you want to enrich content with images too.

Are you willing to write for us?

When submitting your application please attach your CV (not just a cover letter). To be more helpful and professional we need to read the following. So, describe these factors-

1. What are your writing credentials?

2. Which topics are you interested in writing about? (Choose your favorite topics)

3. Do you have any special skills that might be useful to us? 

Guidelines to follow for article submission:

1. Choose the topic you want to write about.

2. Write the article and attach it to this letter.

3. To receive approval for your article please send us an email.

4. Then we’ll publish your article, don’t worry we’ll take care of the promotion of your article so you do not have to do anything else, just write and get paid.

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Can you pitch now?

We need someone who can create interesting articles for us.

So, if your English is fluent and you can write good content then you are the one we’re looking for. It’s a very simple job and it pays well.

Send us your resume, samples of your article, or any other relevant documents now. We’re waiting for your application. We look forward to hearing from you.

Write for us is looking for writers who are interested in writing articles on business, news, trends, and tech. We’re a well-established online magazine with a large audience that grows every month. We need your insights so that we can share them with our readers. To work with us, you’ll need to be an excellent writer and knowledgeable in your area of expertise.

This is an interesting opportunity for someone who wants to write for us and earn some extra cash.

Email: press@guestfluencer.com