Unveiling the Commander Masters Release Date


Magic: The Gathering has been at the forefront of the trading card game industry for decades, captivating players with its intricate game mechanics, rich lore, and ever-expanding card pool. One of the most beloved formats within the Magic community is Commander (also known as Elder Dragon Highlander or EDH), which offers a unique and social multiplayer experience where players build 100-card singleton decks around a legendary creature known as their commander.

Wizards of the Coast, the company behind Magic: The Gathering, has been consistently releasing new Commander products to cater to the growing demand for the format. Commander Masters is one such highly anticipated release that promises to shake up the Commander landscape with new cards, reprints of staple cards, and exciting gameplay mechanics. In this article, we will delve into the release date of Commander Masters, explore what players can expect from this set, and address some common questions surrounding its arrival.

The Arrival of Commander Masters

Commander Masters is expected to hit store shelves in the fall of 2022. While an exact release date has yet to be officially announced by Wizards of the Coast, players can typically expect the set to be available for purchase in November. As with previous Commander products, Commander Masters will likely be released in the form of pre-constructed decks designed to be played right out of the box, making it an ideal entry point for new players looking to dive into the Commander format.

What to Expect

New Cards

One of the major draws of Commander Masters is the introduction of brand-new cards specifically designed for the Commander format. These cards often feature unique mechanics and themes that cater to the multiplayer nature of Commander games. Players can look forward to exciting new legendary creatures to build decks around, powerful spells that can turn the tide of a game, and artifacts and enchantments that offer new strategic options.


In addition to new cards, Commander Masters will include reprints of popular and sought-after cards from Magic's vast history. These reprints help ensure that players have access to key cards that are essential for building competitive Commander decks. Whether it's classic staple cards like Sol Ring and Command Tower or powerful planeswalkers and legendary creatures, Commander Masters will offer a wealth of reprints to spice up players' collections.

Gameplay Mechanics

Commander Masters is likely to introduce new gameplay mechanics that add depth and complexity to Commander games. These mechanics may be designed to encourage interaction among players, create new strategic opportunities, or shake up the traditional Commander meta. Keeping an eye on the revealed mechanics as spoilers are released can give players a glimpse into the exciting gameplay experiences Commander Masters has in store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will Commander Masters be available online as well as in physical stores?

A: Yes, Commander Masters is expected to be available for purchase on Magic: The Gathering Online as well as in physical stores. Players can choose the platform that suits their preferences for playing Commander games.

Q: How many decks are typically included in a Commander Masters release?

A: Commander Masters usually contains multiple pre-constructed decks, typically ranging from four to five decks per release. Each deck is built around a different theme or color identity, offering players a variety of options to choose from.

A: Cards from Commander Masters are legal for play in Commander tournaments as long as they are not on the official ban list for the format. Players should check the Commander ban list to ensure their decks comply with tournament rules.

Q: Can players use cards from Commander Masters to upgrade their existing Commander decks?

A: Absolutely! Commander Masters cards are designed to be compatible with existing Commander decks and can be used to upgrade and enhance players' decks. Players looking to fine-tune their strategies or try out new cards will find plenty of options in Commander Masters.

Q: Will there be special foils or alternate art cards in Commander Masters?

A: Commander Masters often includes special foils and alternate art cards to add collectibility and flair to the set. These premium versions of cards are highly sought after by collectors and players alike for their unique designs and enhanced aesthetics.

Q: Are there any limited edition versions of Commander Masters with exclusive cards?

A: While Wizards of the Coast occasionally releases limited edition versions of products with exclusive cards, Commander Masters typically focuses on providing accessible and widely available cards for the Commander format. Players can expect the set to contain a mix of new cards and reprints accessible to all players.

Q: Can players expect crossover cards from other Magic: The Gathering sets in Commander Masters?

A: While Commander Masters primarily features cards tailored for the Commander format, there may be occasional crossover cards from other Magic sets included in the release. These cards can offer new synergies and strategies for Commander players to explore, adding an extra layer of excitement to the set.

Q: How does Commander Masters impact the Commander metagame?

A: Commander Masters has the potential to significantly impact the Commander metagame by introducing new cards and mechanics that can shape deck-building strategies and gameplay dynamics. Players will need to adapt to the changing landscape and explore how the new additions affect the overall meta of the format.

Q: Will there be preview events or exclusive reveals for Commander Masters?

A: Wizards of the Coast often hosts preview events and reveals for upcoming Magic products, including Commander Masters. Players can keep an eye on official Magic: The Gathering channels, community websites, and social media platforms for exclusive card spoilers, previews, and behind-the-scenes insights leading up to the release.

Q: How can players prepare for the release of Commander Masters?

A: Players can prepare for the release of Commander Masters by familiarizing themselves with the Commander format, exploring existing Commander decks and strategies, and staying updated on card spoilers and announcements. Building a wishlist of cards they're excited about and planning ahead can help players make the most of the release when Commander Masters hits the shelves.

In conclusion, Commander Masters is set to be an exciting addition to the Magic: The Gathering lineup, offering players new cards, reprints, and gameplay mechanics tailored for the Commander format. With its scheduled release in the fall of 2022, players can look forward to diving into multiplayer Commander games with fresh strategies and deck-building opportunities. Stay tuned for more updates as Commander Masters approaches its release date, and gear up to experience the thrill of this highly anticipated set.

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