Keshe Rip-off Vs Reality

And so Keyvan Davani is one of the greatest Keshe-debunkers, as a result of he is learn and heard by the Keshe followers. He hits within the coronary heart of the organization. Thank you to all the people who discover themselves information seekers and who perceive the depth of the knowledge MT Keshe is presenting to the World.

So again, Keshe used someone else’s rip-off and copied it. Someone who follows and supports Keshe for therefore lengthy, even after he has been debunked so many times by so many individuals, can solely be stupid, or morally depraved, or both. You only business owners who prefer to maintain their businesses at a manageable size are called: see the a part of reality that you just WANT to see, and you suppose if you find ONE dot, you can clarify every little thing with it, but that’s not the case.

Keshe brainwashes his victims to make them promote his cult, but as quickly as they wake up, he slanders them and accuses them of all kinds of loopy things. The KF’s REAL purpose is to use people in want, to take their money, and to gain their attention. The Keshe Foundation is all about boosting the ego and the bank account of Mehran Tavakoli Keshe and his spouse Carolina De Roose. They each need to betray, lie and rip-off, since they don’t have any honest way to earn cash. His unifying theory and rationalization for his free energy units, anti-gravity know-how and medical claims is one thing Keshe refers to as Magrav. In an early video, Keshe explains that the speculation behind Magrav is that gravity is created by magnetic fields.

This company known as Vicious Dog, and it claims to have gotten DNA from a canine that was involved in a canine attack. It was one of the most famous instances so far within the subject, as it’s essentially the most famous dog assault case ever to take place. Magrav is the company that makes DNA testing kits and the corporate that makes the DNA testing kits we’re utilizing in this article. Not solely does magrav make DNA testing kits that work, their know-how has been used to find human DNA. To be honest, I don’t know the way they did it, but it seems that evidently they’ve been able to identify human DNA using their DNA testing kits.

I paid 1800 euro for His MAGRAV Generator over 2 years ego and no MAGRAV and no cash. Keshe’s technology additionally relies closely on what he refers to as plasma. The foundations websites contains explanations of their theories about plasma, where it is described as a panacea with purposes in well being, propulsion, agriculture and psychology. Keshe has made numerous medical claims through the years, stating that he has technology capable of curing most cancers, ALS and other illnesses. In 2016 his basis promoted his technology in Norway.

Keshe is so fake that not even an amoeba would fall for him. But his followers worship him like a deity, which says a lot about their intelligence and awareness, or the lack thereof. Whatever drove the courtroom that let this man go free? He should be locked away in the darkest corner of a madhouse, alongside along with his spouse and his questionable supporters, to save tons of attainable future victims from the injury that inevitably awaits them. And I’m certain a complete lot of people agrees with me, particularly those who already lost some big cash or perhaps a loved one. Please put an end to this nefarious fraud, so that REAL scientific breakthrough and REAL peace will get a chance.

Some will die, its time for them to maneuver on. Many will get urge to maneuver out from these areas. This can additionally be a lift for consciousness, consciousness, collective awakening.

We have seen loyal KF followers from Canada (like Alain B., an Ufology member) attempting to advertise pornography on Facebook. How a lot are KF Arizona and other nationwide KF’s involved in it ? If they don’t oppose Keshe, we’ve to assume they assist him and his crimes. Keshe argues that I voluntarily supported him. Yes, however I also voluntarily decided to give up my assist for him, once I came upon that he’s a hypocrite and a criminal, who only lives to use, abuse and manipulate innocent individuals. Only those that still assist Keshe, regardless of of the huge public proof against him, should be considered complicit in Empty Keshe’s and Carolina Maria Noëlla De Roose’s lengthy record of crimes.

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