Important Questions For Class 12 Physics Chapter Four Moving Charges And Magnetism Class 12 Necessary Questions

A neutron, an electron and an alpha particle moving with equal velocities, enter a uniform magnetic subject going into the plane of the paper as proven. Trace their paths in the field and justify your answer. A rectangular conductor LMNO is placed in a uniform magnetic subject of 0.5 T. The subject is directed perpendicular to the airplane of the conductor.

Hence, to make a physique have optimistic cost, remove electrons from it. Electric lines of pressure by no means intersect each other as a outcome of on the level of intersection, two tangents could be drawn to the 2 lines of pressure. This means two course what is the completely factored form of f(x) = 6×3 – 13×2 – 4x + 15? of electric field at the point of intersection, which is not possible. The marble has lost the identical variety of electrons acquired by the piece of silk; the marble acquires a constructive charge and attracts the piece of silk.

According to Gauss’s theorem for a cube, complete electric flux is through all its six faces. The electrical flux does not imply the flow of any physical quantity via a surface. It only signifies the quantity of area traces which cross the surface.

It signifies that a single conductor is a capacitor whose different plate could be thought of to be at infinity. Two expenses -q and +q are located at points (0,zero, -a) and , respectively. Determine the charge on every capacitor if the mixture is related to a 100 V provide. Three capacitors each of capacitance 9 μF are connected in sequence. To the line connecting the 2 point expenses.

A common hexagon of side 10 cm has a cost 5μC at each of its vertices. Calculate the potential on the centre of the hexagon. A straight horizontal conducting rod of size zero.forty five m and mass 60 g is suspended by two vertical wires at its ends.

Suppose a sq. ABCD with all sides of 10 cm and centre zero. At the centre, the charge of 1 μC is positioned. The capacitance decreases and the voltage between the plates increases.