Health 4 2 Flashcards

This is a standard signal of colorectal most cancers. A – A sore that doesn’t heal in a normal amount of time. If situated on the pores and skin or within the mouth, skin cancer or oral most cancers could probably be the cause. U – Unusual bleeding or discharge. Any bleeding from the bladder, vagina, or rectum could imply prostate, cervical, or colorectal most cancers.

All of the next are negative results of vomiting EXCEPT A. Tooth decay. Swelling of salivary glands. Stomach ulcers. High blood potassium levels, which disturb heart rhythm.

CS. CR. All of the next are objectives for an anorexic particular person EXCEPT A. Gain 2 to three pounds per week.

Individuals diagnosed with anorexia nervosa may exhibit behaviors of bulimia nervosa. Anorexia nervosa is basically a really extreme case of bulimia nervosa. Anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa are two distinct circumstances that don’t overlap. People with anorexia nervosa worry becoming word whizzle engineering fat, whereas people with bulimia nervosa usually are not concerned with physique weight. A dysfunction in which frequent bingeing is followed by compensatory behaviors to rid the physique of extra kilocalories known as A.

55. • Eating disorders include excessive emotions, attitudes, and behaviors surrounding weight and meals issues. Eating issues are severe emotional and bodily issues that may have life-threatening penalties.

Separation from the household. Using antidepressant drugs. Joining a self-help group. Cognitive behavioral therapy.

An electrolyte imbalance can cause many body manifestations, none of which are indicative of swelling in front of the ear. Which of the following is NOT one of many three parts of the female athlete triad? Lack of menstrual periods. Clinical melancholy. Disordered eating behaviors.